The Online Dog Trainer

Dog clicker training is a safe and effective way to train your dog the basic commands used for communication.  We have the common terms such as sit, stay, here, down, heel, etc.

Clicker training is the same form of training that is used at Sea World when training their whales and other types of attraction animals to perform tricks.  During clicker training, there is no danger or pain to any animal and this encourages your dog to follow commands.

When beginning with clicker training, you will need to allow the dog to become familiar with the clicker and understand that it is nothing to be afraid of.  It doesn’t hurt to get together some treats for your dog in order to give praise during the process.  The treat should be in very small pieces and soft.

You should begin with your clicker in one hand and the bowl of treats nearby. During this time, it should just be you and your dog to avoid distractions. Start off by pressing the clicker and then giving a treat. Repeat the click and treat routine until your dog begins to look up when you click, expecting his treat.

To teach your dog to look at you when you say his name, use the same click and treat method.  Wait until your dog looks at you after you say his name, then click and give a treat.  Repeat this regimen; however wait until he becomes a little distracted before doing it again.  Make sure to say his name only once.

All verbal commands are taught using the same process during dog clicker training. You speak the command you wish your dog to learn, place the dog in that position, then click and give a treat. After several practice runs, when you say the command your dog should perform what is asked of him (i.e., sit, stand, stay, lay down, etc.)  As soon as he does this, click and give a treat.

One command that may take a little longer to learn is stay, but you will still use the same method. Place him where you want him, tell him to stay, and take a couple of steps back. If your dog follows the stay command, quickly click and give a treat.  If he moves, put him back in the same spot and try again. Gradually move further and further back.

The possibilities are unlimited with dog clicker training.  You may spend a little extra on treats during this process, but it is well worth it when your dog follows your commands using the clicker method!

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